NEK token is a full-cycle ecosystem based on Ethereum (ERC20),
the BNB Chain (BEP20) and its own blockchain, opening new horizonts

  • Use NEK Token for DeFi platform, NFT, Charity, Goods and ets.
  • Parallel use NEK Token of the Ethereum and Binance blockchains
  • Use NEK Token for Staking, Farming
  • Use NEK Token to pay with a plastic card.
Listing NEK Token

Listing Road | Q2 2022

Security Audit

MaNEKO ($NEK) is a new BEP-20 token on the BNB Chain.
We reviewed the MaNEKO contract on the BNB Chain mainnet.
Solidity Finance LLC (US)

Security Audit

DeFi | NFT | Goods | Charity | Mining | Payment


NFT Market-buy exclusive art works for $NEK! Digital art Gallery, where thousands of talented artists from all over the world will be able to share their unique works.

ART | NFT | Market

& DeFi

DeFi is a platform for the rapid exchange of digital assets and the creation of liquidity for $NEK and other friendly projects. Staking, Farming.

DeFI | Staking | Farming

& Goods

Buy exclusive products that bring joy using $NEK on MaNEKO Fun Market! Cute gifts for yourself and your loved ones, bringing warmth and joy.

Gifts | Market | Fun

& Payment

Buy with the help of a branded plastic card MaNEKO CARD Visa around the world! Your $NEK will always come to the rescue and fulfill all your dreams.

Cash | Payment

& Wallet

A multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet with storage and Betting functions. Allowing you to transfer $NEK in the Ethereum and Binance Chain networks around the world.

Payment | NFT | Staking

& Charity

Support the work of more than 1000 charitable organizations around the world (Greenpeace, UNICEF, WWF and ...) with $NEK on the MaNEKO Charity platform.

Donate | Payment

Explorer NEK

Token Explorer
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